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It’s a world ran by pedophiles and you don’t even care

Yes, an extreme title, I know, but I don’t believe it’s far from the truth.

In 1996 in the country of Belgium a man name Marc Dutroux was arrested and found to have abducted, tortured, murdered, and sexually abused multiple young girls, a couple of which were even found having starved to death, and was also charged for a plethora of other crimes. The case is notorious for many reasons, one of which is the police’s unbelievable negligence and corruption, including not only ignoring the fresh paint covering up the entrance of the dungeon in which young girls were help captive while searching his house because of a car theft charge, but even claiming that they thought the captive children’s screaming they heard was coming from the street outside even though Dutroux had previously been arrested and jailed for the abduction and sexual abuse of young girls. It was so bad, that even letters from Dutroux’s mother claiming that her son was holding young girls captive in his house were ignored.

But that’s not all, though. The case suffered from phenomenal set backs and delays, believed by many to be due to the connection of high officials to the case. The original judge for the case was dismissed because of claims of participating in a fundraiser for the girls’ parents, and would even go on to describe “bullet-proof vehicles and armed guards needed to protect him against shadowy figures determined to stop the full truth coming out.” and was even quoted saying “Never before in Belgium has an investigating judge at the service of the king been subjected to such pressure,” and “We were told by police that [murder] contracts had been taken out against the magistrates. As the danger mounted, emergency measures were taken

Dutroux himself even admitted that he was part of a “Europe-wide pedophile ring with accomplices among police officers, businessmen, doctors, and even high-level Belgian politicians” and saying “I did things of which I was not the driving force. I was used as an instrument by others, who were themselves used as instruments by others.” Despite this, it was concluded that “Dutroux did not have accomplices in high positions in the police and justice systems, as he continued to claim, he profited from corruption, sloppiness and incompetence.

Victims even claimed the royal family was involved:

This was the thrust of revelations by a woman called Regina Louf, who told police of child sex parties involving judges, politicians, bankers and members of the royal family. But her stories of sadism, bestiality and murder have been widely dismissed as deranged fantasy.


During the Jerry Sandusky case, there had been talk that he was pimping out boys to high level donors:

I can give you a rumor and I can give you something I think might happen,” Madden said on the radio. “I hear there’s a rumor that there will be a more shocking development from the Second Mile Foundation — and hold on to your stomachs, boys, this is gross, I will use the only language I can — that Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors. That was being investigated by two prominent columnists even as I speak.

There’s also the incredibly suspicious disappearance of the former district attorney who chose not to prosecute Sandusky previously to take into account:

One of the questions surrounding the sex-abuse case against Jerry Sandusky is why a former district attorney chose not to prosecute the then-Penn State assistant coach in 1998 after reports surfaced that he had inappropriate interactions with a boy.

Gricar went missing in April 2005. The murky circumstances surrounding his disappearance — an abandoned car, a laptop recovered months later in a river without a hard drive, his body was never found — have spawned Web sites, television programs and conspiracy theories. More than six years later, the police still receive tips and reports of sightings. The police in central Pennsylvania continue to investigate even though Gricar’s daughter, Lara, successfully petitioned in July to have her father declared legally dead so the family could find some closure and begin dividing his estate.

“No one got a bye with Ray,” said Anthony De Boef, who worked as an assistant district attorney under Gricar for five years. “He didn’t care who you were; he had a job to do.”


In 1989 high level officials in the Bush and Reagan administrations were investigated for being involved in a call boy sex ring:


The Franklin Coverup Scandal

Allegations of sexual abuse first emerged in November 1988 during a National Credit Union Administration investigation of unrelated financial irregularities at the FCFCU, at which King had worked for 18 years. In December, the State Foster Care Review Board submitted the results of a two year investigation into the physical and sexual abuse of foster children to the Executive Board of the Nebraska Legislature who were investigating reports of child sexual abuse linked to the credit union. Authorities launched a probe, interviewing a number of claimed abuse victims who said that children in foster care were flown to the U.S. East Coast and were abused at “bad parties.” Subsequently, John DeCamp, a former Nebraska state Senator, publicly identified five prominent individuals as being involved in a prostitution ring that transported minors across state lines.


And plenty more.

What I would suggest to you, is that all of this could barely be considered a murmur to the full extent of the child abuse that goes on by the political, media, military, and financial global elite.  That it’s not only not an exception, or even just normal, but practically a requirement for anyone who wants to be a part of the high echelon of society; a sort of initiation and blackmail so that everyone goes along with the plan without worry and also one of their favored passions.

I find it funny that we as a society love and embrace a show like To Catch a Predator.  We laugh as our own get shamed and humiliated in a public spectacle using incredibly shady and questionable means that many would consider entrapment all for our entertainment, watching it all with our smug self righteousness and believing richly deserved justice is being served.  Meanwhile the global elite participate in and help operate child trafficking and sex rings of a massive scale, laughing at us in our media induced depraved stupor.  We fail to see that the only thing such “entertainment” accomplishes is desensitizing and normalizing a very serious and grave issue, while massive amounts of actual child sexual abuse, and I’m not just talking about that of the elite, goes on unhindered.

Children, especially little girls, are taught earlier and earlier through media and toys to sexualize themselves to be socially accepted and valued.  Our society tells boys that if they don’t have sex by a certain age and with a number of partners that they are pathetic losers and should be ashamed of themselves.  When it’s pointed out that this kind of behavior is unfair to girls because they’ll receive the label of “slut” if they do the same kind of thing, we just try to help in the reengineering of society by saying it’s good for girls to be sexually promiscuous as well instead of rightly condemning the practice of such behavior in boys, because hey, the more debauchery the better.  We talk of the need to become a more global society, while such organizations like the UN are trying to push teaching five year old children how to masturbate as part of public education.  Young girls are taught that it’s a good thing to be able to abort their own babies, but if these young females decide to treat even a being made from their own flesh and blood with such cruelty and disregard, how difficult will it be that they’ll ever be able to have any sort of real love and compassion for anyone else?  All of this and more, and we have the nerve to think we are becoming an increasingly rational and enlightened society.


Even the masses that took part in the depravity and mindless murder of the French Revolution, who were fooled by the phrase “Liberty, equality, fraternity”, would most likely be disgusted by what we’ve allowed ourselves to become.

This is a society that has gone beyond sick.

I’m going to try to use this thread to discuss why and how of what’s going on, including introducing some concepts.

Problem, reaction, solution

Problem, reaction, solution is basically a sort of rephrasing of the Hegelian Dialectic of thesis, antithesis, synthesis.  Basically, if you’re trying to engineer society in some particular direction, you have how things currently are, which would be the thesis, and you have some sort of change you would like to implement, which would be the synthesis.  The problem on the surface, though, is that often people do not want the change you seek.  The solution to this is the antithesis, the conflict with the thesis that is used to create the perception that the thesis is no longer viable and must be changed in recognition of the antithesis, and the product of this change is the synthesis.  The trick is to create the antithesis, which could also be considered as the problem, in such a way that it is not obvious you are responsible nor that you had the solution in mind from the beginning.


Let’s say, as part of their plans, certain people wanted the United States to begin to devolve into a police state while also to advance their military agenda in the middle east, while also making a lot of private profits on the side.  Well, as things were, the citizens would not believe that this was in their best interest and it would have been very hard to get them go along with such a plan.  They would need to create some kind of problem to get people to accept such a change.  A sort of antithesis that was loud and big enough to cause the desire of vast reforms that would most likely have been unthinkable previously.

False flag operations have a been a favorite tactic of governments for a long time, but they’re hardly the only way in which this kind of method is used.  I picked this point to lead into the next couple subjects.

Central banking, 9/11, etc.

Unfortunately, it’s a characteristic of this board that topics are deleted after a few days of inactivity, so the only topic I’ve made on these subjects that I can link to is a recent one about central banking.  If you’re honestly interested in the rest of this kind of stuff that I’ve covered, you can PM me and I’ll show you the content of previous threads.


That said, I would like to elaborate on at least one of the big smoking guns of 9/11, which is that NIST has admitted that Building 7 was in a period of freefall:

As Lead Investigator Shyam Sunder rightly puts it before NIST was forced to accept the facts, free fall means there was no resistance.

Here is also what Shyam Sunder said:

And if you look at the analysis of the video, it shows that the time it takes for the roof line of the video to collapse down the 17 floors that you can actually see in the video – below which you can’t see anything in the video – is about 3.9 seconds. What the analysis shows – the structural analysis shows, or the collapse analysis shows – is that same time that it took for the structural model to come down – from the roof line, all the way for those 17 floors to disappear – is 5.4 seconds. It’s about 1.5 seconds, or roughly 40 percent, more time for that free fall to happen.  And that is not at all unusual, because there was structural resistance that was provided in this particular case. And you had a sequence of structural failures that had to take place. Everything was not instantaneous.


They can try crap like removing the video from their website all they want, NIST is hanged by its own words.

See also these links for just a small bit of the massive evidence against the official story


If it’s so obvious, then why hasn’t something been done?

Because they’re counting on what they believe to be the fact that the public in general is too dumb to see that the emperor has no clothes.  So far it would seem they have been right.

If you meant that the media would have exposed it, you have to realize that just about all major media is owned by a small group of men who are part of a much larger agenda, which leads me to the next point.

New world order?  Don’t make me laugh.  You conspiracy theorists are idiots.  The middle east is a mess.  Europe and America are suffering from a multitude of problems and corruption.  And why would America willingly go to war on false premises?  Don’t you understand the debt that these wars incur?  It seems like there’s a lot more DISORDER if anything

First of all, the term conspiracy theorist inherently implies someone who is inclined to believe something on the basis of whether it’s a conspiracy or not.  The connotation naturally excludes the idea of someone believes or disbelieves something based on the evidence and logical probability of it.  This is why it’s a favorite tactic for liars and deceivers everywhere to quickly throw this label at someone, because it naturally implies in people’s minds that said person believes in all sorts of illogical and far fetched theories and therefore everything they say should not be taken seriously.  All conspiracy theories do not have equal merit, logic, or evidence, and trying to lump them all together simply because they can be called a “conspiracy theory” is no different than if someone took every bit of news from every reputable and non reputable source and lumped them together as all equally “news stories.”  Depending on the motive of the person, it’s either an incredibly dishonest or ignorant action.

As far as pointing out the growing amount of chaos in the world, well yeah, that’s kind of the point.  What part of problem, reaction, solution don’t you understand?  They WANT you to see and know of all the corruption and problems going on in the world.  They WANT you to know that things are dysfunctional as they are now.  They WANT you to be disillusioned and angry with the current system.  That’s one of the main reasons the news is becoming increasingly negative.  The idea of a new world order is just that, a new world order.  In order to get people to accept it, they want to destroy the attachment to the current world order.

If you think things are bad as they are now, it’s very likely that you haven’t seen anything yet.  There’s a good chance things are going to get a lot worse.  They want to destroy the current system in the minds of the general public for good.

As far as the bit about wars and debt, what you have to understand is that the people running things don’t care about America.  Their interest are not America’s interest, quite the opposite in fact.  Once you understand this, everything will start to make sense to you.  Trade laws and agreements that have gutted the American manufacturing base and created massive deficits, a drug war that enriches and empowers foreign cartels while completely failing to stop the flow of drugs and filling prisons up with non violent offenders for simple possession charges, foreign occupations supposedly to help keep American safe from terrorist while our borders remain wide open, the current president racking up debt like it’s nobody’s business and getting nothing out of it, all of it.  They want to bring this country down and they want to bring it down hard.  The destruction of America is critical to them to get the people of the world to latch onto the idea of a global government.

These are the words of elite insider Zbigniew Brzezinski:

In the long run, global politics are bound to become increasingly uncongenial to the concentration of hegemonic power in the hands of a single state. Hence, America is not only the first, as well as the only, truly global superpower, but it is also likely to be the very last.


The destruction of the family unit and the destabilization of society

The family unit is one of the most critical and basic parts of any stable and healthy human society.  Those who’s actions destroy it while claiming to be trying to build a better society are liars.

America has undergone all sorts of “progressive” reforms.  Feminism, “sexual liberation”, the open embracing of homosexuality, and what I have reason to suspect is coming next, as sick as it sounds and hard as it may be to believe as things are now, the promotion of “children’s sexual rights.”

The term “progressive” itself is nothing more than deceptive political doublespeak.  What does the label “progressive” itself really tell you?  It’s progress, right?  We all know that there are problems in society and we want to fix them, right?  Fixing these problems is progress, right?  Therefore, “progressive” changes and laws are good, right?  In reality, it’s an incredibly ambiguous word that when used in a political and social context is incredibly dishonest and should set off red flags in the minds of anyone who thinks about it.

Society has been socially engineered from the top down for a long while now and there’s plenty of evidence of this.

Aaron Russo talks about how his friend at the time Nick Rockefeller told him that the Rockefellers were behind women’s lib in order to destabilize society among other reasons:

CIA funded Ms Magazine:


The Kinsey Reports from the mid twentieth century that were sold to the public as a respectable and credible scientific investigation into the sexual activity of the American public and claimed to have found that the secret sex lives of the general American public was far more promiscuous than was considered socially acceptable at the time and that society should change as a result, while in reality the “investigation” was full of pseudoscience, false data, lies, and Kinsey and his team doing all sorts of disgusting and depraved acts with children and many others.  The Impact this had on society should not be understated.  It was also funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, of course.


The public believes that entertainment reflects society and that society reflects entertainment, but upon closer inspection and research you will find that it is entertainment that is driving society and that that was the elite’s plan from its beginning.

You’ve been trained to think of the idea of “America going communist” as a joke, but I want you to read this list and ponder whether it’s really so funny or not:


America can be argued to meet all ten planks of the communist manifesto:


The normalization of divorce, illegitimate children, abortions, suicide rates, broken communities, and the increasingly prolonged period of juvenile adolescent behavior in American adults are the products of our direction.

Despite what authorities in different establishments have told you, I would propose to you that just about every “progressive” change and law has been to our detriment, and I would present as my evidence the fruits of our society, which are plain for all to see.

You people think you’re fighting against some mythical white, straight, male puritan patriarchy; in actuality you’re simply fighting against the natural design of humanity.

I see many of you championing the issue of gay marriage, as if this was the issue that, despite everything reality tells us to the contrary, we as a people needed to focus on.  That this is something we desperately need in order to “progress” to a better society.

What a joke.

Do you people even know the actual percentage of homosexuals?  And of those, what percentage of them actually choose to get married in places that allow it?  And of those, what percentage of them actually participate in “open” marriages, making their marriage a complete farce?  Have you people even thought for a second why the media and the establishment have bent over backwards to shove this issue down our throats despite the fact that it only affects a minuscule percent of the population and that there are far more pressing concerns that we should be paying attention to?

Contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe, marriage wasn’t really about romantic love traditionally.  That was often part of it, but only that, just part of it.  Marriage was about having children and creating bonds between clans that gave each other connections and strength.  Gay marriage is an oxymoron.

As much as the truth is going to hurt and offend some people, the whole gay marriage issue is being used to complete the process of changing what marriage actually means in the minds of the public and start hammering in the nails of the coffin for the family unit once and for all.

We have become such a demoralized and decayed society that we watch as our government blatantly commits massive crimes and hypocrisies right in front of us and we do nothing at all.  Bill Clinton lied under oath and the country thought it was no big deal.  The whole WMD scandal that got us into Iraq was shown and admitted even in major media to be a complete fabrication.  Which high level officials were tried and convicted because of it?  Banks swindled their own customers out massive amounts of money and our government then decided to hand them trillions of dollars because “they’re too big to fail.”  Obama pretends to give a tear in front of the camera after the school shooting case, while regularly ordering drone strikes that kill children in foreign countries.  The media and the president want changes to our gun laws to supposedly prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands, and yet the government authorizes projects like Operation Fast and Furious, in which the government helped shipped guns into the hands of dangerous drug cartels.  Again, which high level officials have been held accountable?

We as a people just sit and watch all this corruption in a slack jawed trance, bringing down our morale and sending any sort of national pride plummeting.  It has gone beyond the reach of outrageous and straight into the realms of absurdity, just as the elite have planned it.

To get back on track to what was stated in the beginning, why all this effort to destroy the family unit you ask?  Because as I said before, the family unit empowers the people, and it is the biggest obstacle in the way of a small oligarchy having complete control over the development of a society.

So you’re saying they plan a 1984 like society?

Not really, no; at least not in the beginning or on the surface.  What it is they want is most likely actually closer to a Brave New World like system; a society where relationships are simply one off dates and casual sex and the idea of having children and a family is regarded as horrifying and one of the worst things that could happen to someone, where reproduction is handled by the state and children are sexualized and indoctrinated right from the get go, where people preoccupy themselves with work, sex, mindless entertainment, and brain numbing drugs.

As horrifying as it is, I don’t think we’re that far away from it as a society.  For a board called Current Events, it seems like a considerable amount of the topics are about women’s bodies, sex, video games, and movies.

You’re just a hypocritical fundamentalist bigot who wants to outlaw everything you think is immoral and wrong.

As far as my political stance, I consider myself a constitutionalist and I’m not about the government outlawing something just because it’s considered immoral unless it is something that clearly infringes upon the rights and well being of someone else.  I learned long ago that you can’t legalize your way to a better society through human laws.

I would also like to say that I don’t consider myself anymore morally righteous than anyone else.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes and wrongs, and I’ll likely make even more.

This was never intended to condemn anyone or to present any particular group as lesser or despicable people, or to insult the intelligence of anyone.  As a Christian, Christ commands us to love all and hate none.  I’m well aware that the Bible says not to judge others and that’s why I have made an effort to only judge the actions and not make personal attacks on people.

I have taken a harsh and blunt tone in this thread because I want people to snap out of it and realize what’s going on; to look at us as a society.

I want to make to make it very clear that I don’t think groups like homosexuals are bad people, even if I disagree with what they do.  I wanted people to see where society is being driven, not by the general homosexual population, but by a small oligarchy.

To be honest, I don’t hate even the elite that are behind all this.  I wanted to help spread awareness in this thread, not hatred and vitriol to any human being or group.

You’re a nut and no one should listen to anything you have to say

Even if people think I’m a nut, discounting everything I say because of it and not evaluating what I present based on its own merit and evidence is a result of ad hominem and to take such an approach is to embrace a fallacy.

Do you think people should ever try to have a revolution against the government through physical violence?

No I don’t.  That’s what they’re going to be counting on: as much chaos and strife as possible.  Anyone who takes such an approach does so at their own peril and will most likely be walking into an obvious metaphorical trap.

I believe in spreading awareness and non violent resistance and activism.

I’m aware of the new world order but I avoid trying to make others aware of it because I don’t want people to think things of me.

You’re just going to have to decide whether doing what’s right or what others think about you is personally more important to you.


I wanted to make sure I included this because it’s the most important subject of all.

Ever since I became a Christian I have gone through a lot of hardships and ordeals.  I’m not going to go into the details, for they are long and personal, but I’ve personally experience being effected by spirits, including the Holy Spirit itself, and I can tell you they are very real.  These other spirits caused me a great deal of suffering and trials, and there were not times I tried to walk away from it all, but Christ always pulled me back.  I look back now and realize those experiences changed me a lot, and I’m a very different person then I was back when I started.  Even if you believed that my testimony was simply the result of mental delusions, I can tell you that there have been things and events outside of my control or that of my own head that are far too numerous and logically improbable to even consider being the result of coincidence.  I personally consider myself a very logical and reasonable person, I would not be telling you this if I did not have complete confidence in what I say.

If you consider me to be credible at all, I would hope that you would trust what I’m telling you.

If you trust in Christ, then no matter what happens or how dark things may get, there will never be anything to truly fear.

He is truly the way, the truth, and the life.  There is nothing I believe to be more true in this world than this.

I would rather create one genuine Christian over a thousand non Christian activist.

Everyone knows religion was created to control the masses, idiot.  Christianity was responsible for the crusades and the inquisition.

First of all, I’m not concerned with defending “religion” in general, nor am I concerned with defending everything done supposedly under the name of “Christianity.”

Anyone who believes either of these points should actually research the history of early Christianity and then research the origins of the Catholic Church and its blatant man made hierarchy, rituals, beliefs, and traditions that are not only unsupported by the Bible, but are heavily condemned by it.  People are free to believe what they want about either of them, but to equate Biblical Christianity with Catholicism shows a massive amount of ignorance.

What should someone do if they want to become a Christian

There’s really not much to it, you simply accept Christ as your lord and savior and that he was the son of God, died on the Cross, and was resurrected on the third day.  Some people might tell you that you need to be baptized with water, but they would be wrong.

You can also start by reading the Bible.  Some people suggest starting with the New Testament, and that’s fine, though I personally started from the beginning of the Old Testament.

I’m not going to read and wade through all this crap

Then I really have nothing to say to you.

Okay, so I didn’t believe it before, but maybe there is something to this whole new world order thing.  What should I do to learn more?

You should probably start with the video in my signature.  You can also PM me if you have any additional personal questions.

This thread will probably be the last one I make on this site for while as I plan on focusing on other forums and methods of raising awareness.

That said, I would like to say to certain people that will know who they are when they read this that I have saved all of what I have typed and that I will be checking this thread to make sure nothing is changed or disappears for at least the next few days.  I will not just let you pull the same crap as last time.

The video that was in my signature:

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